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Only 18 weeks to go!!!! Have you bought ibanez's present yet!? ;)
All it takes for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing, are you a good person?
and it goes on...
i will push myself and i dont know what gets to me the most ? i feel so old but i am so young. The silence in my heart, the loss, the pain... The internal strugle that IS my life; or ... as if in some way detached beyond a point of control, standing to the side, watching it spiral out of control across the world ... oh god what have we done ? Is this something that would of even occured to you if but not only five years ago this chain of thought would seem rediculous; but IT IS INSIDE all our hearts... and that hurts me the most :/ How am i sposed to deal with that... ?!

If you some how stumbled across this.... and your now thinkin mmmmm... to yurself..

please dont add to the horrible carnage that is my HOME.. and yours!
My life is a stereo, how loud does it go ?